Our solutions

Rationis offers a wide range of solutions that support portfolio construction and monitoring of risks.

Our approach and our methodology allow us to meet the needs of our customers across different organizational models.

The range of Rationis services and products includes:

  • Tools and applications:
    We develop technological solutions integrating the most advanced mathematical / statistical methodologies with a highly intuitive and user-friendly interface enhancing our customers’ processes in terms of quality, security and efficiency.
    We provide solutions through a modular approach or as an integrated software including:

    • position keeping modules;
    • portfolio construction and portfolio rebalancing modules;
    • ex ante risk measurement modules and of expected returns;
    • scenario analysis, what if analysis and stress test modules;
    • performance measurement and attribution modules.

    The high quality technological solutions allow our clients to monitor portfolio activities for a very high number of portfolios using an integrated, top-down approach.

  • Advisory services:
    We provide methodological, technical and organizational support for:

    • ex-ante portfolio risk evaluation;
    • the construction of strategic and tactical asset allocations;
    • monitoring of ex-post risk;
    • performance measurement.

The key features of our products and services are:

  • Advanced methodologies underpinned by a strong academic basis;
  • Extensive asset management industry experience of the founding partners;
  • Cutting-edge programming technologies and languages;
  • Highly flexible approach, guaranteeing a matching between our services and solutions and our customer’s different investment structures and processes;
  • Integrated approach, guaranteeing strong quality and efficiency improvements across the portfolio construction, portfolio monitoring, and portfolio rebalancing chain.